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About Us

about Elfin Immigration INC.

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We have an organized, clear, and compelling solution for all Immigrants. We are notable in the Immigration circle for our special services and are adulated by our customers for enhancing their involvement with Visa assistance.

We at Elfin Immigration INC. assist you by offering individualized services aligned to your goals and visions. We are dedicated to providing unmatched visa solutions to individuals, families, entrepreneurs and investors.

Accurate Guidance

Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of the Canadian immigration system and stays up to date with the latest policies and regulations.

Our Presence

Throughout the application process, we provide accurate guidance on gathering the necessary documentation, completing application forms, and preparing for interviews or assessments.


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The driving power of the company is our competent workers.

They are always up-to-date on new advances in industry, due to intensive training and programmes, with a positive attitude and professional principles that guide their activities.

Over time, we have created a solid basis for work to achieve common objectives and aspirations.


It is our view that the first step to a thriving international career is straightforward assistance and consultation. Our highly skilled experts will help you with initial visa processing consultation.


We accept only case files acceptable for certain countries, as per embassy rules or revisions. To see if your profile is qualified under the nation standards for permanent residence visas.


Once you have logged-in, we will help you with all you need to complete the visa assessment, visa application, guide documents, document submission, visa fee assistance, etc.

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Our aim is not only to attract customers into our company and to do our business solely, but also to give professional and trouble-free services to stay abroad and establish living relationships with customers via the provision of great services.