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Business Immigration

Business Immigration

Business Immigration

The Government of Canada seeks investors, managers and entrepreneurs of all forms and sizes who would want to find in Canada new chances to enforce the broad variety of fast-track Business Immigration Programs. These programs and visas aim to support and enhance the Canadian economy through the attraction of entrepreneurs, self-employed and non-Canadian nationals.
There are now three streams available for business immigration programs:

Self-Employed Program

This program is for those who can create their own jobs by contributing to the Canadian labour market athletically, culturally or creatively. People can apply for the Self-employed Program with the necessary money and suitable working experience.

Start-up Visa

Start-up visa applicant may apply if a qualified creative company helps to expand and generate jobs in Canada. Successful applicants will get permanent residence for both them and their families.

Business Visitor Visa

This visa is for business persons who plan to stay temporary in Canada for the purposes of expanding, investing or building business relationships in foreign business markets. The Visa for Business Visitors is for potential applicants, which will not have a direct effect on Canada’s labour market, among other conditions.

PNP Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur programs, such as the New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream, provide immigrants with a chance to benefit from the increased economic strength of Canada and maybe to acquire permanent residency in Canada with their families.