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Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker

Canada’s primary worker immigration programme is known as the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWC), which gives the country the opportunity to accommodate thousands of newcomers each year on the basis of Canadians’ capacity to become active employees.

Who is it for?

Professionals and skilled workers around the world who want to immigrate to Canada permanently can do so through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Candidates can apply with their spouse/partner and dependent children.

What is the Federal Worker Program processing time?

In six months’ time or less, for completed applications.

Requirements of federal skilled workers

Your position in the Express Entry pool is decided by your CRS score when you create your Express Entry profile. For the Federal Skilled Workers Program there are 3 minimal requirements to be considered. Those Include:

Work Experience

Experience in managing, professional, technical and occupational categories must be provided to you. These classes are also called NOC Code task categories 0, A and B.

Language skills

Proving your language skills consists of taking an authorised language exam to evaluate your English, French and/or Spanish skills. A Minimum of CLB level 7 on an approved English or French language test.


Which can be shown by a certificate, diploma or degree Education.


  • Candidates in the Federal Skilled Worker Class do not need a connection to Canada to qualify for the programme.
  • The programme is a fantastic choice for all people living outside Canada and all criteria for employment and language knowledge and training outside Canada may be satisfied.