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Prince Edward Island PNP

Prince Edward Island PNP

For foreign nationals, PEI PNP is one of the most popular means of migration to permanent resident province. The federal government will nominate the immigrants. In order to settle and work in PEI, the immigrants are nominated. Employers and people with qualifications to work in regions with work shortages must be accorded priority. The PEI PNP provides potential immigrants the opportunity to acquire a provincial candidacy via a multi-course immigration, which can quickly track their way to permanent residency in Canada.
There are numerous immigration streams in the province split into three categories:

Entry PEI Express

PEI Express Entry is suitable for potential immigrants who are in the federal Express Entry Pool and have shown an interest in living and work on Prince Edward Island. However, only applicants who have the skills and expertise to fit the present working demands in the province for express entry PNP must be considered for one of the féderal economic immigration classes.

Labour Impact

Foreign employees and new graduates are welcome to apply to be nominated by one of the Labor Impact Streams of Prince Edward Island. These programmes provide a chance for those currently recruited by a PEI business to obtain an accelerated road to permanent residency if they get PEI PNP.

Business Impact

If an individual wishes to move to Canada on a business visa can benefit from the Firm Impact Stream of PEI PNP, whether a business with 100% ownership or investing in a new or established company. You can also opt to get a working authorization through your investment in a PEI company that provides an earlier transition into your new life in Canada and PEI.

Why Prince Edward Island?

For immigrants and their families, PEI provides several advantages:
  • The immigrant can have a nice and affordable life and accommodation
  • Helps a person to grow their business.
  • Help in the growth of the economy.
  • PEI has a superb system of education.
  • Lower housing expenses than in other Canadian provinces.