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The richest province in Canada, Ontario, together with a diverse industrial sector, has a considerable part in the country’s natural resources. At present, the province is largely urban with a population of more than 4/5 residing in urban areas, cities and suburbs. Ontario, behind Quebec, is Canada’s second-largest province in the area.
Ontario borders on the south with the United States, Québec on the east and Manitoba on the west. James Bay and Hudson Bay lay in the north.
Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is the provincial capital. Ottawa, the national capital of Canada, also finds its place within Ontario.
The citys of London, Windsor, Kitchener, Brampton, Vaughan, Hamilton, Marcham, and Mississauga are also famous in Ontario. Ontario has its own Ontario Immigrante Nominee Scheme (OINP) program to induce immigrants into the province as part of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program [PNP]. Ontario’s program on economic immigration, often known as the Toronto PNP, works via Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada[IRCC] in cooperation with the Canadian Government.
The OINP might apply for a nomination for international students, foreign staff and others with the necessary abilities, education and experience.
Interested candidates must follow a two-stage process: apply for nomination to the provincial government, and then, if nominated, apply for permanent residence to the federal government.

1. Human Capital Category

Human Capital Category is for workers who possess valuable work experience, educational qualification, language proficiency, and a profile in Canada’s express entry system.

A) French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

Foreign nationals with required work experience, education, language proficiency either in English or French are eligible for this stream. This is an invite for the French-speaking people through the Express Entry pool. The individual has to demonstrate their proficiency in French and in English to get qualified for this stream. The foreign national should score CLB 7 in French and CLB 6 in English if he is applying for this stream.

B) Ontario’s Express Entry

Ontario Express Entry stream operates in collaboration with the federal government’s Express Entry system. The individual should have a notification of interest from Ontario and their updated profile with their current work experience, language tests, and education in the federal government.

C) Human Capital Priorities Stream

This stream is for skilled workers who have the required work experience, education, and language proficiency either in English or in French. It is one of the streams in the Human Capital category. This stream is operated by the province of Ontario. This stream has a merit-based system to nominated highly qualified skilled workers through the federal express entry pool.

D) Skilled Trades Stream

This stream is one of the Human Capital streams of the Ontario PNP Program. It is operated by the province of Ontario. This stream is especially for workers who have work experience in Ontario in eligible trade occupations. The foreign national should have scored CLB 5 either in English or French. This stream proffers provincial nominations to skilled tradespeople who have active express entry profiles and presently living in Ontario.

E) Masters Graduate

Masters Graduate is one of the streams in the Human Capital category of Ontario immigration. This stream is mainly for recent graduates with master’s degree, that is obtained from an eligible Ontario institution. This is mainly for graduates who have the intention to live and work in Ontario.

F) Ph.D. Graduates

Ph.D. graduates are one of the streams in the Human Capital Category of Ontario Immigration. This stream is mainly for the graduates with a Ph.D. degree, that is obtained from an Ontario institution. If a Ph.D. graduate has the intention of living and working in Ontario, then they can apply for this stream.

2. Ontario Employer Job Offer

The Ontario Job Offering streams give an alternative for applicants with a valid Ontario employer job offer to migrate. In order to be seen to be genuine, both the employer and the job itself must satisfy specific requirements. In addition, the applicant must satisfy specific conditions for eligibility based on the stream to be used.
  • Foreign Worker
  • International Student with a Job Offer
  • In-Demand Skills

3. Business Category

If a foreign national is wish to start or buy a business in Ontario, he can through this stream. Through the Entrepreneur stream in the business category, the individual can bring in new business ideas, either buy a new business or can grow a new business in Ontario. Furthermore, Ontario has a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners.