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Saskatchewan PNP

Saskatchewan PNP

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is a collection of immigration paths that enables foreign people to become permanent residents of Canada, and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The PNP has the strategic goal of attracting immigrants to areas that benefit the province: qualified workers, workers in employment shortages, job-offering workers and business people.
The province runs various streams of immigration split into three categories:

Saskatchewan International Skilled Workers

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker covers three immigration streams aimed at skilled workers who are able to join and adjust to life in Saskatchewan’s province easily. Some flows give priority to employees with work-shorting experience, while others target companies with job offers from Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Experience

Saskatchewan Experience covers five streams of immigration aimed at employees in Saskatchewan with experience already obtained. Also, employees on these streams must have an offer to continue working in the province by a Saskatchewan company. Some streams give priority to individuals with experience in some industries that have job shortages in the province.
  • Existing Work Permit in Saskatchewan
  • Health professionals in Saskatchewan
  • Hospitality Project in Saskatchewan
  • Students from Saskatchewan
  • Saskatchewan Long-Haul Truck Driver Project

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm is a collection of two immigration streams aimed for those with experience in business administration who desire to start a new enterprise in Saskatchewan. This entrepreneurship is created particularly for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, including ideas for businesses in a range of industries.