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The province of Nova Scotia is located on Canada’s east coast on the Atlantic Ocean. The province plays host to a number of unique Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) designed to attract and retain newcomers who will be able to fill gaps in the workforce and contribute meaningfully to local economies and communities.

Why Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia proffers a high quality of life in concern with work, family, relaxation, and responsibility to the immigrants who wish to settle over there. The land is beautifully surrounded by the rolling beauty of the sea, lush green forests, lakes, rivers, and many breath-taking sceneries. Combined with this it also has growing cities, one of the most enjoyable places to live in Canada. Nova Scotia has many recreational and fun activities, delicious cuisines, opus of languages, historical landmarks, culture for the immigrants to enjoy with their families. Among all the provinces in Canada, the cost of living in Nova Scotia is low. This province is very famous for its water sports in the summer like kayaking and paddleboarding. Nova Scotia also encloses the Bay of Fundy, the most attractive tourist destination in Canada. The place is known for its drastic high and low tide. The capital of Nova Scotia is Halifax. Halifax holds a prestigious history of receiving the first set of immigrants to Canada, where it received all the immigrants during the arrival; it is also found to be the oldest settlement area of the African-Canadian community. English is the official language of Nova Scotia, even though the settled Nova Scotian Acadians used to speak French since their origin.

1. Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream

The immigrants who wish to get into this stream should enter the federal Express Entry Pool. From the Express Entry, the province will choose the immigrant; if their profile meets their labour market needs at a particular time. If their profile is selected the immigrants will receive a Letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia immigration office.

2. Labour Market Priorities for Physicians

This stream was created to hire health professionals like general practitioners, family physicians, specialists to work for the welfare of the province. This stream will help the trained medical professionals to become a permanent resident of Nova Scotia with the help of two medical authorities: • Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and • Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre (IWK).
  • Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA)
  • Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre (IWK)

3. Entrepreneur Stream

If this stream is mainly for business owners or managers who wish to live in Nova Scotia. With the help of this stream, the immigrant can either start a business or can buy an existing one. If they actively managed the business for a year, they will be nominated for permanent residence in the province.

4. International Graduate in Demand Stream

This is a new stream that is created to help the recent graduates who have obtained their qualification in the following job categories:

5. Skilled Worker Stream

Through this stream, employers can employ foreign workers and recent graduates. This stream is created to sort out the shortage of skilled workers, where local Canadians did not have the required skills to deal with these jobs. For permanent residency, the immigrants should either meet one of these skill categories: skilled NOC (0, A or B), semi-skilled NOC (C), or low-skilled worker NOC (D).

6. Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

This program is designed for highly skilled workers to work, live and settle in a particular province to gain permanent residence. There are two categories in the province: Category A and Category B.
Category A: This is for highly skilled workers who have a job offer with them.
Category B: This category is for applicants who have experience in an opportunity occupation. Depending on the needs of the province, the program opens and closes throughout the year.